Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics: From Stable Beams to Exotic Nuclei

A workshop covering nuclear physics and astrophysics (incorporating both nuclear structure physics and reactions) will take place in Cappadocia, Turkey during the last week of June 2008. This workshop will encompass physics that can be performed with beams of either stable or exotic nuclei as well as applications in astrophysics. This meeting, entitled "Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics: From Stable Beams to Exotic Nuclei" will take place June 25 - 30, 2008 in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Erciyes University Physics Department will host this meeting. This University in Kayseri derives its name from Mount Erciyes, which is 15 kilometers to the south-west of the university.

The venue of the meeting, Cappadocia, is a region of rather unique natural wonders characterized by structure called fairy chimneys and a colorful historical and cultural heritage. The geology of the area is shaped by deposits from ancient volcanoes. These deposits are soft rocks that houses and churches were carved out. The largest airport in Cappadocia is easily reached by air. International travels can fly to Istanbul and then connect to a one-hour flight to Kayseri (there are about five flights a day from Istanbul).

We hope to see you in Cappadocia.

A.B. Balantekin (U. Wisconsin)
I. Boztosun (Erciyes U.)
G. Kocak (Erciyes U.)




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